Lettura estiva.

"A walk in the woods" Di Bill Bryson è un simpaticissimo racconto di come uno scrittore americano non esattamente in forma, in compagnia di un amico decisamente fuori forma, affrontano l’Appalachian Trail, che parte dalla Georgia e arriva in Maine attraversando gli USA.
Una lettura che dedico a tutti gli hickers che stanno per dedicare le proprie vacanze alle camminate sui monti e nei boschi.


Estraggo nella lingua originale (ma il libro è disponibile anche in italiano) un pezzo gustoso; siamo in un rifugio, e si incontrano altri escursionisti.

I was perched on the edge of the sleeping platform lost in a little reverie […] when one of the middle-aged guys drifted over and introduced himself as Bob. I knew with a sinking heart that we are going to talk equipment. I hate talking equipment.
"So, what made you buy a Gregory pack?" he said.
"Well, I thought it would be easier than carrying everything in my arms."
He nodded thoughtfully, as if were an answer worth considering, then said "I’ve got a Kelty."
I wanted to say -ached to say- "Well, here’s an idea to try to get hold of, Bob. I don’t remotely give a shit." But talking equipment is one of those things you have to do, like chatting to your mother’s friend in the supermarket, so I said: "Oh yeah? You happy with it?"
yeah" was the deeply sincere reply. "Tell you why" He brought it over to show me its features -its snap pockets, its map pouch, its general miracolous ability to hold contents. He was particolarly proud of a dropdown inner storage pouch, bulging with little plastic bottles of vitamins and medecines, with a transparent window built into it. "it lets you see what you’ve got in there, without having to undo the zipper," he explained and looked at me with an expression that invited staggered admiration.
Just at that moment Katz stepped up. He was eating a carrot (nobody could cadge food like Katz) and was about to ask me something, but when his eye lit on Bob’s transparent  pouch, he said: "Hay, look -a pouch with a window. Is that for people who are so stupid they can’t figure out how to get it open?"
"Actually, it’s a very useful feature," said Bob in a measured, defensive tone. "It lets you check the contents without having to undo the zipper."
Katz gave him a genuinely incredulous look. “What –like you’re so busy on the trail you can’t spare the three seconds it take to open a zipper and look inside?” […]
”Well, I actually find it quite useful,” Bob said quietly, to himself, but he took his pack away and bothered us no more. I’m afraid my equipment conversation nearly ended up like that somehow, with the talker retiring with hurt feelings and a piece of formerly prized equipment cradled to his chest. It was never my wish, believe me.


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  1. Posted by anonimo on luglio 13, 2006 at 3:52 pm

    Accettare consigli letterari da te è come chiedere qualche dritta finanziaria a Ricucci, ma per una voolta credo proprio che farò un’eccezione! Grazie!


  2. Posted by anonimo on luglio 27, 2006 at 2:59 pm

    Certo che ne hai proprio tanto di tempo libero……………….

    Il Kurvunza



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